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This publication goals to de-mystify the rules and perform of college development by means of demonstrating how profitable lecture room and faculty development happens. This available textual content should be worthy for practitioners, providing transparent suggestions for these willing to elevate criteria and enhance success.

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Another means of assessing a school’s readiness or 40 School improvement capability to change and improve is through initial diagnosis. , 1996). This data offers the school some indication of their ‘readiness state’ to undertake change or whether some ‘unfreezing’ is still required. Whatever terms are used to describe the change process, it is clear that all effective change involves starting change, securing change and sustaining change. These three phases merge together as change progresses. These three phases are not mutually exclusive but are overlapping and intrinsically linked.

Commitment: teachers need to be committed to the change as they will be instrumental in implementing it. Pressure and support: change requires the pressure for change to occur and the technical/emotional support to ensure that change happens. External agency: assistance from external sources such as consultants or LEA advisors is an important dimension of the change process. The provision of external agency can prevent innovation from being blocked and can ensure that the momentum for change is maintained.

Conversely, there needs to be technical, emotional and professional support to ensure that team members feel equipped to take on the tasks related to the change (Stoll and Fink, 1996). If there is too much pressure, then stress will result. If there is too much support, then complacency will follow. It is important to retain a balance between pressure and support in order to secure change and to move through the implementation phase. During the implementation phase there will be a crucial time when the change appears to be making little progress.

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