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T H E MAXILLA, II (medial surface, left side) 3 Atlas I. — 63 34 Fig. 36. OS LACRIMALE (1. ) T H E LACRIMAL BONE (right side) Fig. 37. OS NASALE I. (faciès externa, 1. ) Fig. 38. OS NASALE IL (faciès interna, 1. ) T H E NASAL BONE, I (external surface, left side) THE NASAL BONE, II (internal surface, left side) Fig. 39. OS ZYGOMATICUM I. (faciès lateralis, 1. ) T H E ZYGOMATIC BONE, I (external surface, right side) Fig. 40. OS ZYGOMATICUM II. (faciès temporalis, 1. ) T H E ZYGOMATIC BONE, II (medial aspect, right side) 35 (faciès maxillaris, 1.

T H E PALATINE BONE, III (posterior view, left side) 3* 36 Fig. 44. VOMER T H E VOMER Fig. 45. CONCHA NASALIS INFERIOR I. (aspectus medialis, 1. ) THE INFERIOR NASAL CONCHA, I (medial view, left side) Fig. 46. CONCHA NASALIS I N F E R I O R I I . (aspectus lateralis, 1. ) T H E INFERIOR NASAL CONCHA, II (lateral view, left side) 37 Fig. 47. MANDIBULA I. T H E MANDIBLE, I 38 Fig. 48. MANDIBULA IL T H E MANDIBLE, II Fig. 49. MANDIBULA I I I . THE MANDIBLE, III 39 Fig. 50. MANDIBULA SENILIS T H E MANDIBLE IN OLD AGE Fig.

54. CALVARIA I. (faciès externa) T H E SKULL CAP, I (external surface, viewed from above) 43 Fig. 55. CALVARIA Π. «v Sutura coronalis — Sutura frontalis seu metopica Sutura frontozygomatica _ . Sutura frontonasalis Sutura sphenofrontalis - - Sutura internasalis Sutura nasomaxillaris Sutura sphenozygomatioa — Sutura zymaticomaxillaris Sutura intermaxillaris Fig. 56. SUTURAE CRANII I. THE SUTURES OF THE SKULL, I Linea temporalis sup. Sutura coronalis Linea temporalis inf. Sutura sphenoparietalis Sutura sphenofrontalis Sutura frontozygomatica Sutura frontoethrnoidalis _ Sutura lacrimoethmoidalis - Sutura lacrimomaxillaris - Sutura zygomaticomaxillaris - Sutura temporozygomatica Sutura lambdoidea Sutura squamosa Sutura sphenosquamosa' Orista infratemporalis ' Fig.

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