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What's the new crucial for Apache builders? The Apache Phrasebook. filled with sensible suggestions, or "phrases," for initiatives that the Apache developer a lot accomplish on a daily basis, the phrasebook fills the necessity for a brief, sensible, to-the-point reference for Apache. The code inside the phrasebook is versatile, so it may be simply tailored for your wishes. contemporary challenge may be tomorrow's challenge, so do not waste a while on long tutorials. cross instantly to useful Apache instruments that offer instantly acceptable strategies for any scenario with the Apache Phrasebook.

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Troubleshooting the Execution of CGI Scripts ScriptLog logs/cgi_log In addition to the modules and techniques explained in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, the mod_cgi module provides the ScriptLog directive to aid in the debugging of CGI scripts. If enabled, it will store information for each failed CGI execution, including HTTP headers, POST variables, and so on. This file can grow quickly, so you can limit its growth with the ScriptLogBuffer and ScriptLogLength directives. Improving CGI Script Performance One of the main drawbacks of CGI development is the performance impact associated with the requirement to start and stop programs per every request.

The AddHandler directive associates a certain handler with filename extensions. RemoveHandler can be used to remove previous associations. In the example, AddHandler tells Apache to treat all documents with cgi or pl extensions as CGI scripts. The SetHandler directive enables you to associate a handler with all files in a particular directory or location. The Action directive, described later in this chapter, enables you to associate a particular MIME type or handler with a CGI script. Understanding MIME Types MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a set of standards that defines, among other things, a way to indicate the content type of a document.

Pl"> Options +ExecCGI SetHandler cgi-script 52 53 Handlers are a way Apache determines which actions to perform on the requested content. Modules provide handlers, and you configure Apache to associate certain content with specific handlers. This functionality is commonly used with content-generation modules such as PHP and mod_cgi. The example shows how to associate the cgi-handler handler with the files you want to run as CGIs. The AddHandler directive associates a certain handler with filename extensions.

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