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82,000 Teachings from the Buddha i've got received;
2,000 extra from his disciples; Now, 84,000 are frequent to me.1
Who not anything has heard2 and not anything understood, He a while in basic terms oxen-like:
His abdominal simply grows and grows,
But his perception deepens not.
Who has a lot heard and learned,
But does despise him who's bad in studying, Is like one blind who holds a lamp.
So needs to i believe of the sort of one.
Thou persist with him who has heard much,
Then what's heard shall no longer decline.
This is the tap-root of the holy life;
Hence a Dhamma-guardian thou should’st be!
Knowing what comes first and final, figuring out good the which means, too,
Skilful in grammar and in different items,3 The well-grasped which means he examines.
Keen in his sufferer application,
He strives to weigh the that means good. on the correct time he makes his attempt, And inwardly collects his mind.
— the Venerable Ánanda, Thag XVII.3 (vv. 1024-29)

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56 29 It seems that the Buddha did not absolutely refuse Mahá-Pajápatì Gotamì, but perhaps wished to test her determination. It would have been a very difficult thing for aristocratic ladies in those days to do— to become nuns and live a hard life in the forest, subsisting on almsfood. Ladies then had no experience in looking after themselves or organizing anything, as their social scope under Brahmanism was very much restricted. 30 In the Vinaya (monk’s discipline) the Buddha is represented as saying this, but such a prophecy involving time is found only here.

27 7. Ána nda’s Co nver satio ns w i th t he Budd ha If one considers as conversation also the silent, inner rapport with a Dhamma discourse, then the whole of the Páli Canon actually consists of Ánanda’s conversations with the Buddha. He was almost always present when the Buddha gave a discourse, and not only during the time he was his attendant. And those few discourses which the Blessed One had given 32 in Ánanda’s absence he repeated for him afterwards. We cannot repeat here all the dialogues between the Buddha and Ánanda mentioned in the Páli Canon.

In reality there is a deeper connection, designed to bring Ánanda from the superficial to the profound and to let him know the quickly approaching death of the Buddha in such a way that it would not disturb him. After the Buddha had helped to direct Ánanda on the path towards enlightenment, he related how he had told Mára forty-five years ago that he would not attain final Nibbána until the Dhamma was well established. Now Mára had appeared before him and he had told him he would live only for another three months.

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