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Butterfly-Man’s pace increased. Before long, hundreds of other butterflies, each one stronger and more beautiful than the next, began to swarm around them. Tolowim-Woman could not restrain herself. She reached for one. Then another. And another. “You are all so beautiful,” she said as they whirled around her. ” Slowly the other hand slipped from Butterfly-Man’s waist, and she began to grab at butterflies in all directions. But each time she thought she had captured one, it escaped from her grasp.

Again Sun did as she was told, and this time everyone was happy. The animals and plants were barely settled when Grandfather Buzzard announced that they must stay awake for seven nights. ) So the animals and plants tried their best. The first night was easy, and everyone stayed awake. But on the second night several of the animals fell asleep. On the third night even more of them fell asleep. And by the seventh night Owl, Panther, and only a few others were able to remain awake. As a result, Owl and Panther were given the ability to see at night and prey on others who could not.

That did not work, either. The sky and earth were firmly locked together. Discouraged, Woodpecker and Raven flew home. But Bluejay would not give up. He stayed and waited for many years until he found an opening large enough to squirm through. Then he traveled far and wide until he found Young Moon who was living in the sky with the Dog Salmon People. “So this is where the Dog Salmon live,” said Bluejay. “And it is they who kidnapped you so long ago. We have been very worried about you. ” Young Moon hung his head.

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