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By Thomas Sowell

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Presents new insights into the historical past, sociology, and psychology of ethnic-minority lifestyles.

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Editorials profess horror at bloodspilling and yet an enormous, and frequently voyeuristic, media output (newspapers, TV, publishing, and film industries have all developed their own “Balkan” production-lines during the 1990s) offers daily testimony to a fascination with war and killing about which we have as many taboos as the Victorians did pornography. We claim to abhor war, and yet we romanticize the professionals—foreign correspondents, cameramen—who enable us to partake in the experience. Pictures for which photo-journalists risk their lives, and video footage taken by “smart” bombs as they hit their target have a large, enthusiastic audience in the West.

Yet perhaps the contradictions of Balkan identity can be traced most clearly through Serbian history: Serbs have comprised an empire and a colony, holocaust victims and holocaust victimizers. The representational schemas deployed by themselves and others reflect these contradictions. Sometimes they are represented as either threats or guardians at the gates of Western civilization-others, as the only remaining European barbarians, equally susceptible to bribery and betrayal. And perhaps no other ethnic group has received so much external scrutiny (and orientalistic treatment) as the Serbs in the last decade of the twentieth century, when they mounted ethnic wars against almost everybody.

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