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Offering a realistic method of mobilephone culture-based innovations for drug treatment, this publication could be a useful resource of knowledge for either scholars and pharmaceutical scientists alike. content material: Preliminaries; Contents; checklist of colour plates; record of figures; checklist of tables; record of individuals; Preface; 1 uncomplicated elements of telephone progress and telephone cycle in tradition; 2 phone tradition media: choice and standardization; three Bioelectrical characterization of epithelial mobile (mono)layers and excised tissues; four Characterization of shipping over epithelial boundaries; five learning mobile binding and uptake of bioadhesive lectins; 6 High-throughput epithelial telephone tradition platforms for drug intestinal permeability; 7 sturdy mobile tradition perform.

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ATSDR believes that there is sufficient merit in this approach to warrant an attempt at distinguishing between "less serious" and "serious" effects. The distinction between "less serious" effects and "serious" TOLUENE 2. HEALTH EFFECTS effects is considered to be important because it helps the users of the profiles to identify levels of exposure at which major health effects start to appear. LOAELs or NOAELs should also help in determining whether or not the effects vary with dose and/or duration, and place into perspective the possible significance of these effects to human health.

No changes in lung function were reported for volunteers exposed to 100 ppm toluene for 6 hours, 30 minutes of which were spent exercising (Rahill et al. 1996). Individuals exposed to 800 ppm toluene TOLUENE 2. HEALTH EFFECTS for 3 hours (von Oettingen et al. 1942) or 1,862 ppm for 2 hours (Meulenbelt et al. 1990) had no selfreported respiratory effects. 5 hours (Baelum et al. 1985), and in volunteers exposed to 200 ppm toluene for 7–8 hours (Carpenter et al. 1944).

Case reports of birth defects and developmental delays in children of mothers who abused solvents, including toluene, during pregnancy suggest that exposure to high levels of toluene may be toxic to the developing fetus. A number of developmental toxicity studies with rats, mice, and rabbits exposed to airborne toluene indicate that toluene is not a potent teratogenic agent at exposure levels below those inducing maternal toxicity, but can retard fetal growth and skeletal development and alter development of behavior in offspring.

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