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Williams' paintings is the 1st book-length scholarly research committed completely to Santideva's philosophy and as such it merits our consciousness and appreciation. Williams is a proficient and interesting author a really fascinating and full of life book.--Eli Franco, Bulletin of SOAS

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In spite of the differences in wording between the Sanskrit and the Tibetan versions of Bodhicaryavatara 8 :97 over whether the argu­ ment refers simply to future sufferings, or to the sufferings of future bodies, both Indian and Tibetan commentators seem in the main to take Santideva to be referring to future bodies, mentioning explicitly either the hells or unfavourable destinies (ngan song) . We might speak of this restriction of Santideva's argument to future bodies as the narrower application of 'future sufferings' .

On verse 35 he says 'if the obj ect has ceased the subj ective mind also is completely calmed. 342 ) . Thus for Sa bzang the attainment of nirva'fJa is through calming subject and object, and it is the attainment of a state which has also been the case primevally. He is concerned however that we should not confuse the cessation of the mind which is correlated with the absence of its intentional referent, with the cessation of all awareness altogether. An opponent argues that because the mind has ceased, gnosis (ye shes/jfiana: primeval awareness) also does not exist.

36-46 ) . Thus ideas thought o f b y dGe lugs writers a s character­ istically Cittamatra became absorbed into the Madhyamaka. chen's use of the Mahayanasutralartzkara. Mi pham continues with further quotes from Nagarjuna, who is of course one of rGyal tshab rje's principal sources, but understood in a very different way from rGyal tshab rje. Having mentioned the Great Madhyamaka Mi pham wishes to j ustify his position from the Madhyamakakarika. Thus MMK 1 5 : 6 : 'Those who see inherent existence, other-existence, entity and non-entity do not see the reality 25 Altruism and Reality in the teaching of the Buddha' (svabhavan:z parabhavan:z ca bhavan:z cabhavam eva ca / ye pasyanti na pasyanti te tattvam buddhasasane /1) .

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