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The king insisted that he had won, and because he wanted his wives, he had his son’s eyes put out. The youth’s three wives were away at a dance at the time. As the boy’s eyes were being put out, the daughter of the king of the jinns realized what was happening and said to the Stirrup Moor, “What shall we do? ” The wives and the youth’s brother-in-law got up to return to their palace. When the king saw that they were going, he rushed to try and stop them. But the Stirrup Moor was so strong that he was able to fight the king off and even the whole army couldn’t stop them.

The master understood what the two young dogs and the old one had said. The next morning he got up early to return home. ” The master replied, “Do as I have told you. ” So whether they wanted to or not, the shepherds had to kill the two young dogs and let the old one live. When they had been home for some time, the wife began to weep and lament. Every time the husband gave her a chore she would groan and refuse to do it. Finally he asked her what was wrong. She replied, “What do you mean? ” asked the man, “I love you.

When the king heard this, he became furious and kicked the old woman down the stairs, breaking her leg. She limped home, cursing the snake because she was now a cripple. The snake said to her, “Don’t worry about your leg, I’ll heal it. ” Immediately the leg was healed. The next morning the snake sent the old woman back to the king and the very same thing happened. After being kicked and beaten, she swore she would never again set foot in the palace again. The third day, the snake said to her, “Go back to the king again.

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