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Over the previous 30 years the writings of Georges Bataille have had a profound impact on French highbrow concept, informing the paintings of Foucault, Derrida, and Barthes, between others. opposed to structure deals the 1st critical interpretation of this demanding philosopher, spelling out the profoundly unique and radical nature of Bataille's paintings.

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It is perhaps to soon to write on Bataille. But it will always be too soon -to do so. Too soon ever to think the game is over. Write on! Meaning exists only at risk. It is never fixed, never arrested. There are no guarantees. Meaning is uninsured. Not covered. Science and philosophy (models of discourse on) would like to fix and accumulate meaning in a closed language where clearly defined terms are enu­ merated hierarchically according to finite, calculable connections with no lateral linkage.

In the distant valleys of the Euphrates, people con­ structed an enormous architectural work; all mankind worked on it in com­ mon, and this community was at the same time both the aim and the content of the work. 1 0 We would have to know more than we do about the composition of the text of the Aesthetics to draw any certain conclusions from this, but it is not beside the point to note that in "The Symbolic Form of Art" there was no mention of the Tower of Babel or any similar sort of building.

One wonders how this "falling short" goes with the already stated impossibility of "going beyond" -going back further than the cave and the temple. "Falling short" has a logical value. It designates a moment logically anterior to this division, whereas chronologically this regression is first of all impossible, but above all useless, because with the hut and the temple we are not yet in the area of art. This indecision must be read as the symptom of a decision: one to place architecture at the origin of art, a decision that by its very abruptness will perhaps tell us as much about architecture as any­ thing Hegel says.

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