Download Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A Science Fantasy Supplement by Johnstone Metzger PDF

By Johnstone Metzger

Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a technological know-how myth complement for the award-winning role-playing video game Dungeon World.

This e-book contains:

  • Four new personality sessions: the Earthling, the Engine of Destruction, the Mutant, and the Technician. *Three new computer races: extraterrestrial beings, androids, and white apes.
  • Four new compendium periods: the Alien, the Scientist, the Sniper, and the Visitor.
  • Futuristic instruments, unique gear, and robots.
  • New principles for spaceships.
  • New technology delusion risks and instance fronts that use them.
  • Procedures for developing alien planets and cultures.
  • More than 30 new technological know-how myth monsters.
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    Human: Aldini, Amalthea, Anthony, Camill, Delgado, Einomia, Goodwin, Ilya, Kivrin, Morrow, Parsons, Rumata. LOOK Choose one for each: Flashing Eyes, Obsessed Eyes, Spectacles. Greasy Hair, Weird Hat, Wild Hair. Foil Jumpsuit, Robot Clothes, Technical Uniform. Emaciated Body, Huge Body, Svelte Body. 35 36 Character Classes STATS Your maximum HP is 8+Constitution. Your base damage is d6. STARTING MOVES Choose a race and gain the corresponding move: Alien When you use a workshop, the GM never picks a requirement before you roll, and if the operation’s level is lower than yours, it takes half the normal time to prepare.

    The Technician GEAR Your load is 14+STR. You start with a toolkit (1 weight) and a workshop (4 weight if portable). Choose your protection:  Heavy metal (2 armour, 2 weight).  Protective utility suit (1 armour, 1 weight).  Sacred technical uniform (0 weight). Choose your weapon:  Laser scalpel (hand, 0 weight).  Grinder/saw combo (close, 1 weight). Choose the main characteristic of each of your machines when you prepare them (they are 1 weight each):  Keyboard  Antenna dish  Lens and frame  Box of switches  Lever(s)  Bundle of wires  Mask  Coiled tubes  Microphone  Cords and plugs  Motor  Disc of flashing lights  Rod  Glove  Sheet of metal cloth  Glowing screen  Sphere  Grill  Turntables  Helmet BONDS Fill in the name of a companion in at least one: _______________ is distrustful of machines.

    You can prepare and run that spell as one of the operations you have mastered. The Technician Technical Operations AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS Light AUTOMATIC ONGOING One of your machines emits light, of whatever colour you desire. It gives off no heat or sound. This operation lasts as long as the machine is in your presence or as long as the person you give it to holds it and you do not suffer a penalty to operate machines. Purify Matter AUTOMATIC Your machine purifies any food, water, or other matter with nutrients you put in or on it, so that they can be consumed by human beings.

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