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However, the case mortality seems to be low, French West Africa giving 3-6/00 and Colombia making no return. A. 5/000 and that for Japan 56*5/000. The common concept that bacillary dysentery is commoner than that due to amoebae is not borne out by the official returns. However, the ratio varies a great deal, even for adjacent territories where the epidemiology should be similar. Contrast Mozambique with Tanganyika and Zanzibar; Laos with Malaya; and the Ryuku Islands before and after the Treaty of San Francisco of 1951.

T H E EPIDEMIOLOGY O F A M O E B I A S I S 13 grew amoebae from different sources together in the same test tube, with a joint flora, and then constructed size-distribution curves. Using a strain of E. , 1958) into monoxenic (Clostridium welchii) culture as a criterion, they grew this together with other strains, some from liver and some from stools, both dysenteric and apparently normal. Whereas strains from invaded cases gave unimodal curves when grown together with the standard strain, some strains isolated from faeces gave bimodal curves.

In one case (62), though cysts and trophozoites were found in the bowel contents, they could not be found in the extensive superficial erosion, which was therefore not classed as amoebic. In the remaining two cases without lesions (9 and 137) amoebae were found at all levels. ) Though Faust interpreted these findings as indicative of damage to the bowel, Hoare (1952b) quotes the paper as indicative of “an intact mucous membrane”. T H E EPIDEMIOLOGY O F AMOEBIASIS 15 I n their widely read “Clinical Parasitology”, Craig and Faust (1943) say: Thus, strictly speaking, a healthy carrier of E.

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