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By J. R. Baker, R. Muller

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Meant for examine scientists in all branches of organic parasitology, this booklet explores a variety of themes from the sphere. between these mentioned are the dactlosomatidae and the lifestyles cycles of consultant species in their genera, the synthesis and catabolism of amino acids in helminths, the results of marine toxins at the parasites of marine animals, the an infection of inbred mice with ''schistosoma japonicum'', and the biology, body structure and improvement of helminths cultivated on chick embryo, referring to those to the constitution, body structure and biochemistry of embryo membranes.

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Ramalingam (1973a) Anne and Whyte (1975) cestodes Amoebotaenia cuneata Cittotaenia perplexa Cotugnia columbae Davinia hewetensis Dipylidium caninum Echinococcus granulosus Gangesia sp. Hymenolepis diminuta Hymenolepis microstoma Hymenolepis palmarum Introvertus raipurensis Ligula intestinalis plerocercoid Lucknowia indica, Lytocestus indicus Moniezia expansa Raillietina cesticillus Raillietina echinobothrida Raillietina penetrans Bhalya et al. (1983~) Campbell (196Ob) Bhalya et al. (1986) Bhalya et al.

Levine, N. D. (1971). Taxonomy of the piroplasms. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 90, 2-33. Levine, N. D. (1984). Nomenclatural corrections and new taxa in the apicomplexan protozoa. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 103, 195-204. Levine, N. D. (1985). Phylum 11. Apicomplexa Levine, 1970. In “An Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa” (J. J. Lee, S. H. Hutner and E. C. Bovee, eds), pp. 322374. Society of Protozoologists and Allen Press, Lawrence, Kansas. Levine, N.

The genus Babesiosoma Jakowska and Nigrelli, 1956 is not synonymous with the genus Haemohormidium Henry, 1910. 3. Continued separation of the genera Babesiosoma and Dactylosoma must be based on the higher number of progeny produced during replicative cycles by members of the latter genus. Dactylosoma species produce 6-16 merozoites during intra-erythrocytic replication by simultaneous peripheral budding, whereas Babesiosoma species produce exactly 4 merozoites in the same manner. THE DACTYLOSOMATIDAE 33 4.

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