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By Juan José Aguilar Martin, José Antonio Yagüe Fabra

ISBN-10: 3038351261

ISBN-13: 9783038351269

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The measurement will start in the test when the worm will reach a constant speed of 20 rpm and will end once a complete cycle of engagement of all the product gear teeth at constant speed of the worm gear is finished. Rotation. Tests will be always done in the same rotation direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) according to the worm and worm-gear position. Temperature. The temperature of the laboratory will be controlled to 20 ± 0’5 °C. Results So that reliable test results could be obtained, five test repetitions of four different worm gears described in the previous chapter were carried out, starting always from the same point and with identical rotation direction.

Characterizing the error of the rotation axis, Table 1, performs the measurement of two points formed by the offset of the reflectors from 0 ° to 360 ° in 5 ° intervals. Similarly, the characterization of the linear axis error was made by measuring a grid of points in C XZ = 0 with 0  X   Z 1400 0  600, Table 2. Table 1. 01 If instead of performing a separate characterization of the different axes of movement, it is performed a joint optimization with which a lower error reduction is obtained (Table 3).

The physical behaviour of the geometric errors on rotary axis makes it impossible to characterize them by a simple polynomial of order three. This is due to the periodic behaviour of these geometric errors. To realize a better characterization of the errors, periodic functions must be used. ~ n  2  f ( x)  i 1 Ai  sen  i z  i   T  (15) Where Ai and Bi are the amplitude of the error, T period error, θz the rotated angle in each position and i offset of the origin. Measurement strategies to be used in relation with available space to measure To tackle the volumetric verification of a machine with linear and rotational axis XCFZ, the method of optimization is extended in comparison with the methods for machines with three linear axe [5, 6].

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