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This algorithm later became known as the cutting plane method, an extension of dual simplex. It is amusing that the method has been rediscovered recently under the name of semidefinite programming. Together, we developed the code and implemented the method to some atoms (Be) and light nuclei (15;16;17 O, 20 Ne, 24 S, 28 Si). While it was excellent for the atom, it gave only 10% precision for nuclei (compared to configuraton interaction calculations) [17, 21 24]. Also, the imprecision and convergence time increased with the number of particles.

H. , editors, Density Matrices and Density Functionals, Reidel (1987), 600 pp. During the lively symposium the history and concepts of RDM were reviewed. Even small steps toward N-representability were welcomed. Many details in calculated densities and correlations emerged. The comparison (or competition) between RDM and density functionals was interesting. The symposium was followed by a seminar including a few enthusiasts. 7. Reduced Density Matrix Workshop, Kingston, August 29 31, 1999. Sponsored by: Queen’s University.

Spin adaptation and S representability G. Open shell molecules III. Semidefinite programming IV. Applications V. A Look Ahead Acknowledgments References I. INTRODUCTION In 1927 Landau [1] and von Neumann [2] introduced the density matrix into quantum mechanics. The density matrix for the N-electron ground-state Reduced Density Matrix Mechanics: With Application to Many Electron Atoms and Molecules, A Special Volume of Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 134, edited by David A. Mazziotti. Series editor Stuart A.

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