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By T. Inui, M. Anpo, K. Izui, S. Yanagida, T. Yamaguchi

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Worldwide environmental difficulties, in particular worldwide warming because of the accelerative accumulation of carbon dioxide within the surroundings, are of serious significance for people. The world's inhabitants is now coming near near 6 billion, and continues to be expanding. advancements in communique structures and transportation instruments have made the flow of data, applied sciences and fabrics more straightforward, which ends up in quick monetary development, fairly within the East and Southeastern Asian international locations. elevated affluence results in an elevated intake of fossil fuels. necessarily, this ends up in a rise in carbon dioxide emission and environmentally harmful fabrics which in flip precipitates climatic adjustments on an international scale. fresh reports confirmed that the rise in carbon dioxide emission for final 12 months used to be the top long ago seven years, and the complete quantity of carbon dioxide emission from around the globe reached 6.5 billion plenty. additionally, one can't omit the record which seemed lately in Nature, that the floor-area of the iceberg within the South Pole has already diminished through 25% long ago 5 decades.Over 260 scientists and engineers from 21 international locations who had a robust curiosity and wanted to give a contribution to resolve the carbon dioxide challenge attended this convention. The papers awarded during this quantity conceal lots of the chances of the chemical conversion of carbon dioxide.

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9] Obtained results suggest ZnO. TiO2 and ZrO2 improve reaction sites remarkably. Doubly promoted Cu catalysts were investigated using 5wt%CuZnO(l:l) catalysts. [10] From these results, it is apparent that ZnO, TiO2, ZrO2, Cr203, CeO2, Al203 and SiO2 act as promising promoters to Cu catalyst for methanol synthesis. Concerning co-precipitated catalyst, Cu-ZnO based multi-component catalysts such as Cu-ZnO-Al203, Cu-ZnO-ZrO2 and Cu-ZnOCr203 are extensively investigated. Recently Ga203 and La2Zr207 were found to act as promising promoters for Cu catalyst by Fujitani et al.

This idea is a general concept for K/Cu-Zn-Fe catalyst development. 40] The results are shown in Table 3. At reaction temperature below 250~ main product was CO. Alcohol formation, however, increased with increasing reaction temperature. Catalysts were prepared by impregnation of K2CO3 onto Cu-Zn-Fe mixed oxide. 08/I-I-3) catalyst, ethanol was produced with 20% selectivity at 44% conversion of CO2 under the condition of 7 Mpa, 300~ GHSV=5400/h and H2/CO2=3/1. h of ethanol STY was established. Similar catalyst such as Fe-Cu-AI-K/Cu-Zn-AI-K was also applied to ethanol formation.

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