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An example testsuite run report status html view as generated by the testsuite. Building the Server from Source Code 39 Installing and Building the JBoss Server 40 Building the Server from Source Code CHAPTER 2 The JBoss JMX Microkernel Modularly developed from the ground up, the JBoss server and container are completely implemented using component-based plug-ins. The modularization effort is supported by the use of JMX, the Java Management Extension API. Using JMX, industry-standard interfaces help manage both JBoss/Server components and the applications deployed on it.

The different types of MBeans extend the metadata classes to be able to provide additional information as required. This common inheritance makes the standard information available regardless of the type of MBean. A management application that knows how to access the extended information of a particular type of MBean is able to do so. MBEAN SERVER A key component of the agent level is the managed bean server. MBeanServer. An MBeanServer is a registry for MBeans that makes the MBean management interface available for use by management applications.

Each connector type provides the same remote interface over a different protocol. This allows a remote management application to connect to an agent transparently through the network, regardless of the protocol. The specification of the remote management interface will be addressed in a future version of the JMX specification. Adaptors and connectors make all MBean server operations available to a remote management application. For an agent to be manageable from outside of its JVM, it must include at least one protocol adaptor or connector.

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