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Moving past the standard interpretations of this vintage chinese language textual content — that of utilizing it as a hallmark of what to do subsequent or trying to are expecting the longer term — Osho is utilizing the Tao Te Ching as Lao Tzu meant: to ignite the flame of person knowledge and insight.

His commentaries on those seven verses burn via each concept we may possibly carry approximately ourselves till we will see with an identical crystal transparent gentle as Lao Tzu.

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Remember the wordless. Remember that which cannot be communicated through language, through words. The Tao can be communicated, but it can only be communicated from being to being. It can be communicated when you are with the master; just with the master, doing nothing, not even practicing anything. Just being with the master it can be communicated. Why can’t the truth be said? What is the difficulty? The truth cannot be said for many reasons. The first and the most basic reason is: truth is always realized in silence.

That’s the art. If you reject, that shows you are no artist. Everything should be absorbed, used. If there is a rock in the way don’t try to reject it, use it as a stepping stone. Therefore the Sage: manages affairs without action… He does not escape to the Himalayas. He remains in the world. He manages affairs, but without any action. He is not active inside, the action remains on the outside. At the center he remains inactive. That is what Lao Tzu calls wu wei – finding the center of the cyclone.

The personalities of Mahavira, Moses and Mohammed are like single notes: simple, austere, beautiful even, once in a while. But if I meet Mahavira, Moses or Mohammed on the road I will pay my respects and escape. I speak on Krishna. He is multidimensional, superhuman, miraculous, but looks more like a myth than a real man. He is so extraordinary that he cannot be. On this earth such extraordinary persons cannot exist, they exist only as dreams. And myths are nothing but collective dreams. The whole of humanity has been dreaming them – beautiful, but unbelievable.

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