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Covers the 10th-century founding father of the good Cordova Caliphate.

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Medinaceli became the new centre for Muslim military activity, facing the territory where Christian settlement and expansion had become especially dangerous. It was fortified in 946 by the freedman of the caliph, Ghalib, who was accompanied by a jurist of Berber origin, Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah ibn Yahya ibn Abi 'Isa. Another jurist and also a Berber, r---70 'ABD AL-RAHMAN III Mundhir ibn Sa'id al-Balluti (whom we shall encounter again), was active between 942 and 945 as judge of the frontier regions and responsible for any dealings with the Christians kingdoms.

Between 935 and 936, Ramiro II broke the treaty with the caliph, the count of Barcelona attacked the Umayyad army along the frontier, the Banu Dhi I-Nun rebelled, and the lords of Calatayud and Daroca joined their relative, the lord of CALIPHATE AND CONSOLIDATION 63 Zaragoza, against the caliph. This widespread disaffection seems to have been linked with the presence in the area of Ahmad ibn Ishaq al-Qurashi. This man belonged to a family of descendants of Marwan I (r. 68+-5, the fourth Umayyad caliph of Damascus), who had settled in Seville.

Previous campaigns had been directed against the northeastern regions, but it was easier to keep Christian expansion at bay by the existence of well-established Muslim settlements in the Ebro valley. In 939 'Abd al-Rahman III moved against Leonese and Castilian territory, aiming at the town of Simancas, in an area where the Christians were pushing southwards into the Duero valley. He gathered a powerful army, both in men and equipment. In Toledo, his army was joined by troops of the Banu Dhi I-Nun, those of the lord of Huesca, Furtun ibn Muhammad (who would betray the caliph), and of theTujibi lords of the Upper Frontier.

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