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My very own test. OCRed utilizing ABBYY. a few matters with lightness on a few pages which most likely skewed the popularity, yet it's all rather readable. wish you enjoy!

This is an engaging and significant choice of essays through Masao Abe at the works of the thirteenth century Zen grasp, Eihei Dogen, the founding father of Soto Zen in Japan.

Selected from over two decades of study and scholarship, the editor, Steve Heine, has performed an exceptional activity in formatting and outlining the paintings of this crucial Dogen scholar.

Abe's paintings on Dogen (1200-1253) is moment merely to Hee-Jin Kim's crucial reviews. After Watsuji Tetsuro pried Dogen's paintings from sectarian concealment in 1926, the scholarly neighborhood, astounded by means of the intensity and huge nature with which this nice Zen grasp handled the philosophy, faith, and culture of Buddhism, were mining its treasures ever since.

These essay of Abe supply a few the main sophisticated gold, in addition to feedback for destiny research. renowned for his efforts in Christian/Buddhist and West/East dialogues, Abe deals the normal view of Dogen's works, in addition to suggesting attainable parallel rules within the West.

This e-book bargains reviews on a variety of Dogen's teachings, together with life/death, practice/enlightenment, the which means of Buddha Nature, and the character of Space/Time.

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In that case it has an indispensable reality as the condition for Buddhahood. Further, "that which must be the ground" is more fundamental than "that which must be the condition," and thus there is an irreversible relationship between them. That is to say, attainment, or the Buddha-nature, is more fundamental than resolution and practice, and this relationship should not he reversed. In short, although both attainment (the Buddha-nature) and practice (becoming a buddha) are equally real and equally Indispensable to human existence, the former is so as the ground, whereas the latter is so as the condition or occasion.

DOGEN'S N O T I O N OF "WHOLE-BEING BUDDHA-NATURE" What is Dogen's position in relation to this traditional understanding? Why does he reject it, and why does he read the phrase from the Nirvana Sutra in his peculiar way? " According to the traditional reading, it is understood that all sentient beings have the Buddhanature within themselves as the potentiality of becoming a buddha. Naturally this reading implies that, although all sentient beings are at this moment immersed in illusion, they can all be enlightened sometime in the future because of their potential Buddhahood.

17 Again, it is for this reason that Dogen says: There is not even the slightest gap between resolution, practice, enlightenment, and nirvana. The way of continuous practice is ever circulating. 18 Practice now is not mere practice but "practice in attainment" (sho/o no shu). Accordingly, it is realized as "wondrous practice" (myoshu) and is not different from "original attainment pointed to directly" (jikishi no honsho). " 19 In this, we see Dogen's emphasis on the oneness of practice and attainment, Buddha-nature, and the ever-circulating way Ol continuous practice.

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