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By Randa Jarrar

ISBN-10: 1590513274

ISBN-13: 9781590513279

Nidali, the rebellious daughter of an Egyptian-Greek mom and a Palestinian father, narrates the tale of her youth in Kuwait, her teenage years in Egypt (to the place she and her kin fled the 1990 Iraqi invasion), and her family's final flight to Texas. Nidali mixes humor with a pointy, loving portrait of an eccentric middle-class kin, and this angle retains her buoyant in the course of the hardships she encounters: the humiliation of facing a checkpoint on a trip to her father's domestic within the West financial institution; the fights together with her father, who wishes her to develop into a well-known professor and keep away from boys; the tip of her formative years as Iraq invades Kuwait on her 13th birthday; and the scare she supplies her relations whilst she runs clear of home.

Funny, fascinating, and heartbreaking, A Map of house is the type of publication Tristram Shandy or Huck Finn might have narrated had they been born Egyptian-Palestinian and feminine within the Seventies.

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In consequence of this, the book, as I am well aware, is marred not only by occasional repetitions, but by a certain disconnectedness and lack of uniformity for which I crave the reader’s indulgence. On the other hand I have throughout endeavoured to use original sources and to form independent views, and in this I have been aided by several rare works, inaccessible or hardly accessible to my predecessors, of which I may specially mention the Chahár Maqála (“Four Discourses”) of Nidhámí-i-‘Arúḍí of Samarqand, the Lubábu’l-Albáb of Muḥammad ‘Awfí, the Mu‘ajjam of Shams-i-Qays, and my notes on the Ráḥatu’ṣ-Ṣudúr of ar-Ráwandí, the Jahán-gushá of ‘Aṭá Malik-i-Juwayní, the Jámi‘u’t-Tawáríkh of Rashídu’d-Dín Fadlu’lláh, and other similar books.

Pride of the Arabs in their language. The Arabs themselves (including, of course, peoples like the Egyptians who have adopted the Arabic speech) are intensely, and justly, proud of their glorious language, and exclaim with the fullest conviction, “Al-ḥamdu li ’lláhi ’lladhí khalaqa’ l-Lisána’l-‘Arabiyya aḥsana min kulli lisán” (“Praise be to God who created the Arabic language the finest of all languages”). Whether or not we are prepared to go as far as this, it is at least certain that no satisfactory knowledge of the languages, literatures, and modes of thought of Persia, Turkey, Muhammadan India, or any other Muslim land is possible without a considerable knowledge of Arabic, and that in particular our appreciation and enjoyment of these literatures grows in direct ratio to this knowledge.

George Puttenham, in his Arte of English Poesie (1589: Arber’s reprint, 1869, p. ” 2. Verse-forms. Verse-forms recognised by the Persians. Eleven different verse-forms, or varieties of poem, are enumerated by Rückert (ed. Pertsch, p.

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