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By Savva Dmitrievich Purlevskii

ISBN-10: 9637326154

ISBN-13: 9789637326158

This can be a translation of 1 of the only a few Russian serfs' memoirs. Savva Purlevskii remembers his existence in Russian serfdom and the lives of his grandparents, mom and dad, and fellow villagers. He describes kin communal lifestyles and the serfs' day-by-day interplay with landlords and gurus. Purlevskii got here from an firstly wealthy relations that later turned impoverished. Early in his formative years, he misplaced his father. Purlevskii didn't have an opportunity to achieve a proper schooling. He lived below serfdom till 1831 whilst on the age of 30, he escaped his servitude.

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In no more than three years the formerly empty village square was lined with shops. 64 Village communes often practised what became known as krugovaia poruka (collective responsibility). For a general discussion see David Moon, The Russian Peasantry. For Russian-language literature see V. A. ) (Moscow: Nauka, 1976); idem, Obychnoe pravo Krepostnoi derevni Rossii, XVIIInachalo XIX v. (Moscow: Nauka, 1984); and L. S. Prokof’eva, Krest’ianskaia obshcina v Rossii vo vtoroi polovine XVIII–pervoi polovine XIX veka (Leningrad: Nauka, 1981).

On the topic of Russia’s middle classes, see Rieber, Merchants and Entrepreneurs; Blackwell, The Beginnings; and Entrepreneurship in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, Gregory Gurov and Fred V. Garstensen, eds. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1983). Russia’s middle classes also receive attention in Elise Kimmerling Wirtschafter, Social Identity, chapter 3. 47 Elderly people said that this Savva Iakovlevich originally came from the Ostashkovo meshchane,48 that he worked in St. Petersburg for a court supplier of vegetables, and that he was a handsome man, blooming with health—a man of excellent appearance.

5 rubles a soul. 7 acres (one desiatina) per soul of arable land— only enough for grazing cattle; as for planting grain, don’t even bother thinking about it! Our elderly people were almost in tears thinking of the time when the prince had asked only sixty thousand for the entire estate and it would have been free for ever, but they had not been able to collect the money because of their dissipated life at that time. There was nothing that could be done—the past cannot be brought back! People began to say, “Thank God we at least got rid of the corvée.

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