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Compound (such as thiazoles) Pyridines Ring C-H def. Ca. 1200 Ca. 00 s. C=C str. 35 m. Pyrimidines and =C-H str. 32 s. Purines Ring C-H def. 42 m. 90 m. Pyrroles Oximes C=N str. 58 m. N-H sir. 94 m. C=C sir. 67 v.. d. C=N str. 17 v. O-H Sir. 86 v v. Azo compounds -N=N sir. 35 Carbodiimides -N=C=N str. 70 s. 46 s. -v. 61-481 s. 32 Spectroscopic Data Chemistry 10. Compounds containing nitrogen-oxygen bond Nitrates (O-NOzl. N0 2 str.. nitro N0 2. str.. sym. (compounds CC-N0 2) C-N vib. 67 s. \\. m ..

Thioesters C=S str. C=O str. 99-6 s Cross-conj. 08 s. 14 s. Tertiary amides. 01-612 v. 01-614 v. C=O str. C=O str (CHR,=CHR 2 -<:is) C=C str.. Oximes. Oxazines. etc. C=N str. Spectroscopic Data Chemistry 40 ca. 1660 ca. 02 s. NI-I). 02-6. \0 v. Alkenes (CR 1R2 =CH 2 ) C=C Str. 02-6-21 w. Amino acids containing NH2 group. 33 s. NH3+ def. Alkenes conj. 76 v. C=C str. 13 sat. 12 s. C=N str. Enolic l3-keto esters. chelated C=O str. 12 s. 21 s. 21 s. ca. 1650 ca. 06 s. Primary amides. 31 s. Prim. amides.

13 s, C-O str, 1200-1170 8 33-8,55 s, c) Esters Propionates and higher esters 30 Spectroscopic Data Chemistry Esters of aromatic C-O str. 00 s. C-O str. 33 s. Esters of a, 13 unsat. C-O str. 00 s. , d. 82 w. s. , asym. e) Ketones CH 3 -CO CH2 -CO- t) Arnides primary, free NH CH 3 def. 38 -CH 2 def. 12 s. 13 w. 88 s. 96 s. 01 m. 15 m. 17 s. 29 s. 93 s. N-H str. bonded NH N-H str. Free or bonded N-H def. plus NH C-N str. (amide II band) 1620-1590 (amide II band) Secondary, free NH bondedNH N-H. cis str.

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