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It is a totally annotated version of chosen letters by way of (and sometimes to) Sir J. G. Frazer (1854-1941), the eminent anthropologist, classicist, and historian of faith. Frazer used to be learn by means of nearly all people operating in these fields within the first 3rd of the 20 th century. His nice paintings, The Golden Bough, provided a grand imaginative and prescient of humanity's psychological and non secular evolution--from useless makes an attempt to compel the gods to do our bidding (which Frazer referred to as magic) via both useless makes an attempt to propitiate the gods via prayer and sacrifice (his characterization of faith) to rationality and technology.

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From the Authors’ PREFACE: IT calls for a lot learn of the Oriental brain to capture even short glimpses of the key of its mysterious attraction. An open brain and the knowledge of significant sympathy are stipulations necessary to making it in any respect attainable. Contemplative, light, and metaphysical of their behavior of concept, the chinese language have mirrored profoundly and labored out many riddles of the universe in methods notably their very own.

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But suddenly a creature not described any further than to say it was an angel of the Lord appears, and the angel strikes Herod for his presumption, strikes him so decisively, that he is at once worm-eaten and dead. How terrible that angel must have looked. Was it so huge as to bump against the high ceilings of the palace? Did it glower the crowd into madness? Behold. The exalted ruler falls from his throne. The trappings of power drop from his head and arms. His flesh sprouts pale, eyeless worms.

Ward had known her since they were five. In fact he had first met her on his fifth birthday, eight years ago tomorrow. That day, Grampa had unveiled the clubhouse as it came to be called, a clone of Ward’s bedroom inside his mom’s house. Bed and dresser, bookshelves, closet space, wallpaper, and one window were identical anyway. On one facade, slate-gray siding faced into the forest, looking as if a chunk of the house had broken off and slid down the sloping lawn to settle near Grampa’s oak. But its three other facades were as fantastical as Wizard Wyann’s cottage in A Sunlit Wood, the book that had launched Grampa’s career in the early seventies.

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