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The distinctiveness of this article in combining geometric topology and differential geometry lies in its unifying thread: the inspiration of a floor. With quite a few illustrations, workouts and examples, the coed involves comprehend the connection among sleek axiomatic procedure and geometric instinct. The textual content is saved at a concrete point, 'motivational' in nature, keeping off abstractions. a few intuitively attractive definitions and theorems referring to surfaces within the topological, polyhedral, and soft circumstances are provided from the geometric view, and aspect set topology is specific to subsets of Euclidean areas. The remedy of differential geometry is classical, facing surfaces in R3 . the fabric here's obtainable to math majors on the junior/senior point.

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Although we pose problems and conjectures throughout the paper we close the paper with a section on open problems. We do not have the ambition to be complete or to sketch all the significant historical developments that eventually led to the stated results. Instead we will usually only quote a few things according to personal taste. 1. Sphere theorems and related rigidity results A lot of techniques in the subject were developed or used in connection with proving sphere theorems. In this section we survey some of these results.

We emphasize that the diffeomorphism 1I(~) -t M is in general not given by the exponential map. On the other hand it was shown by Guijarro [1998], that there is always at least one complete nonnegatively curved metric on M such that this is the case. From the soul construction it is clear that there is a Hausdorff continuous family (C(S))SE[O,oo) of convex compact subsets of M such that C(O) = ~, C(sI) c C(S2) for Sl < S2 and Us>o C(s) = M. In fact from the above sketch this family can be obtained-by collecting all nonempty sublevels f i- 1 ([c,oo[) of the functions fo, ...

13. Consider first the case that the curvature operator of M is not nonnegative. We claim that then the Ricci flow immediately evolves 9 to a metric with 2-positive curvature operator. We consider a short time solution 9(t) of the Ricci flow and let f: [0, IS) X M -t JR, denote the function which assigns to (t, p) the sum of the lowest two eigenvalues of the curvature operator of (A1, 9( t)) at p. We first want to NONNEGATIVELY AND POSITIVELY CURVED MANIFOLDS 35 show that f(t,·) is positive somewhere for small t > O.

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