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The technique of the 12 months 2000 has made the learn of apocalyptic hobbies stylish. yet teams awaiting the top of the area will proceed to foretell Armageddon even after the calendar clicks to triple 0s.

A Doomsday Reader brings jointly pronouncements, edicts, and scriptures written through renowned apocalyptic pursuits from a variety of traditions and ideologies to provide a superb check out their trust systems.

Focused on achieving paradise, millenarianism frequently anticipates nice, cosmic switch. whereas so much reflect on spiritual trust as motivating such fervor, Daniels' comparative procedure encompasses secular activities comparable to environmentalism and the Montana Freemen, and argues that such teams are usually extra political than spiritual in nature.

The ebook comprises records from teams corresponding to the department Davidians, the Order of the sun Temple, Heaven's Gate, and white supremacists. each one rfile is preceded by way of a considerable advent putting the flow and its ideals in context.

This very important review of latest politics of the tip will stay a precious source lengthy after the 12 months 2000 has come and gone.

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It is conceived as a trinity; its aspects are Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. 19 • MILLENNIALISM IN WORLD RELIGIONS • Every being, including the gods, partakes of the spirit of Brahman in its atman, or soul. This spirit is reborn after death to reincarnation in another life, where its standing and destiny reflect its karma, the accumulated balance of positive and negative actions of its past lives. One may reincarnate as a god, a human, or even an insect. Correct behavior is called dharma, and in Hinduism it is strictly regulated according to one’s caste, among other attributes.

Despite the enormous span of time left until the end of the current kali yuga, there are several people claiming to be the last avatar among us now, and there have been others in the recent past. Hinduism has an eschatological text called the Divya Maha Kala Jñana. Literally this means The Divine Knowledge of Time, though “Gnosis” might be a better word than “knowledge” to translate Jñana. This scripture is said to have been composed about a thousand years ago by Jagad Guru Srimad Virat Potaluru Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami, who lived in what is now Andhra Pradesh, India.

It seems to represent a bridge between them and the later, more aggressively monotheistic systems of Judaism and Christianity. Its texts, the Avestas, closely resemble aspects of Hindu and Buddhist texts, on the one hand, and of the Jewish and Christian scriptures, on the other. It is quasi-monotheistic, since it posits a single supreme deity called AhuraMazda. There are other, lesser gods in this system, as well, created by Ahura-Mazda as needed. e. (Some commentators give Zoroaster’s dates as c.

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