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By John Grimes

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It includes etymological roots and the meanings of phrases basic to epistemology, metaphysics, and functional teachings of the heterodox and orthodox colleges of Indian philosophy. Cross-referncing has been supplied and diverse charts are incorporated that supply information about relationships, different types, and sourcebooks suitable to the person faculties. This new and revised 3rd version provides a accomplished dictionary of Indian philosophical phrases, supplying the phrases in either devanagari and roman transliteration in addition to an English translation. It deals specific meanings of phrases used as technical phrases inside of specific philosophical platforms.

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If He should pour infinite wisdom down on him, the slave would be unable to move, just as a camel will not walk unless a toggle is put into its nose of an appropriate size—if the toggle is too big it will just slump down: ‘There is nothing, the storehouse of which is not with Us. ’ * Without water, clay cannot be made into a brick, nor can it become a brick if the water is excessive. ’ * Whoever hasn’t tasted will not yet be aware. ’ True love cannot be measured, which is why it is said to be an attribute of God in reality, and applicable to the slave only metaphorically.

It needs breath purer than the rain and light, And action finer than an angel’s flight— It may take longer than a century To make you fit for heaven’s treasury. ’ Jesus asked, ‘What’s the meaning of this, God? What is the point of a request so odd? Despite his sickness, this fool feels no strife: This corpse is not concerned for his own life. ’ God said, ‘Such fools are bad luck; all that grows Are thorns from what the ignorant man sows. Those who in this world sow seeds of this kind Inside the rose-garden you’ll never find.

Set fire to wolves like incense, don’t appease. * Beware when Satan calls you ‘darling child’— He hopes that in this way you’ll be beguiled; 115 120 125 Jesus’s companion’s foolish request 11 He offered Prophet Adam the same bait, And thus that black rook trapped him in check-mate. That rook moves fast—don’t get caught by surprise! Don’t watch this game of chess with drowsy eyes. He can entrap your queen with many tricks, Just like the food which in your gullet sticks; His morsel stays blocked there until you’re old— What is this morsel?

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