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Книга написана крупнейшим французским античником Пьером Грималем, перу которого принадлежит несколько десятков трудов по истории Рима."A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology" is a distillation into short type of the one resource dictionary of historic Greek and Roman myths and legends. in response to Grimal's unique dictionary, first released in 1951 in France the concise model covers nearly all significant characters, and 8 genaeological tables current the valuable complicated relationships among gods and males. The entries be aware of significant models of every legend, and basically the main major diversifications are coated, with a view to specialize in the typical middle of classical literature. short definitions are move referenced to brief debts of the most legends.

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But on the return journey AJAX Athena sent a storm which wrecked a large number of Achaean ships, including the one in which Ajax was travelling. Nevertheless he was saved by Poseidon. Ajax boasted that he had survived in spite of the goddess's wrath, whereupon Athena insisted that he should be destroyed, so Poseidon took his trident and broke the rock on which Ajax had taken refuge and drowned him. There is also a story that Athena herself destroyed him with a thunderbolt. But the sacrilege committed by Ajax continued to oppress his countrymen, the Locrians: epidemics broke out in Locris and there was a series of bad harvests.

The same story is told of him as of Alcon (i), and the two heroes were frequently con­ fused. Alcyone (Αλκυόνη) ι. The daughter of Aeolus (i). She married Ceyx (2). They were so happy that they compared them­ selves to Zeus and Hera. Annoyed at such pride, the divinities changed them into birds, a diver and halcyon respectively. Since Alcyone made her nest on the edge of the sea and the waves continually destroyed it, Zeus commanded that the waves should be calm during the seven days when the halcyon was hatching her eggs.

Ajax was not cremated but placed in a coffin and buried. The Athenians offered him divine honours every year at Salamis. Alalcomeneus (Άλαλκομένβυς) Founder of Alalcomenae in Boeotia. He also founded the Hieros Gamos, the religious ceremony symbolizing the marriage between Zeus and Hera. When Hera complained to Alalcomeneus, who had been made responsible for bringing up Athena, about Zeus' infidelities, he advised her to have a statue of herself made of oak and to have it wheeled through the streets attended by a retinue, as was done for a marriage.

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