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Then he stripped and dived into the water all about the net, and left not off working hard until he had brought it up. He rejoiced thereat and, donning his clothes, went to the net, when he found in it a dead jackass which had torn the meshes. " Then quoth he, "This is a strange manner of daily bread;" and he began re citing in extempore verse:-O toiler through the glooms of night in peril and in pain * Thy toiling stint for daily bread comes not by might and main! Seest thou not the fisher seek afloat upon the sea * His bread, while glimmer stars of night as set in tangled skein.

Seest thou not the fisher seek afloat upon the sea * His bread, while glimmer stars of night as set in tangled skein. Anon he plungeth in despite the buffet of the waves * The while to sight the bellying net his eager glances strain; Till joying at the night's success, a fish he bringeth home * Whose gullet by the hook of Fate was caught and cut in twain. " So he continued:-When thou art seized of Evil Fate, assume * The noble soul's long suffering: 'tis thy best: Complain not to the creature; this be plaint * From one most Ruthful to the ruthlessest.

Quoth he, "O glorious monarch, the wise of old have said:--Whoso regardeth not the end, hath not Fortune to friend; and indeed I have lately seen the King on far other than the right way; for he lavisheth largesse on his enemy, on one whose object is the decline and fall of his king ship: to this man he hath shown favour, honouring him with over honour and making of him an intimate. " and the Minister answered, "O King, an thou be asleep, wake up! " Rejoined the King, "Fie upon thee! This is a true friend who is favoured by me above all men, because he cured me with some thing which I held in my hand, and he healed my leprosy which had baffled all physicians; indeed he is one whose like may not be found in these days--no, not in the whole world from furthest east to utmost west!

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