The World Integrity Trust was registered on 4 February 2014 as a non-profit organization dedicated to combating corruption among societies across the globe. The Trust has tax-exempt status. The organization is not politically affiliated and seeks to enroll all businesses and legal institutions as supporters of integrity in every transaction. The Trust will record and publish cases revealing successful action taken in curbing corrupt activities through the John Tungay Foundation of the International Biographical Society of Cambridge in the United Kingdom


The World Integrity Trust is committed to using modern IT communication to encouraging investigative journalists and members of the legal profession to support corruption-free societies by revealing successful actions in combating corruption that can be published worldwide by the John Tungay Foundation of the International Biographical Society.

The Trust will network within the African continent and at international level as an independent public-interest organization by cooperating with investigative journalists, lawyers and leaders of society who take positive action to rid the world of corruption and to build deeper respect for the rule of law. A range of strategies will be used to achieve legal reform where necessary.

Given the enormity of the challenge, and acknowledging that that the Trust cannot achieve this worldwide mission without international support, the World Integrity Trust will seek partners in respective countries who share similar objects and goals.

Annual awards will be made to journalists and lawyers who have achieved the most effective results by uncovering these acts of corruption.